Watch: Mick Jenkins ft. BADBADNOTGOOD – Drowning

Mick Jenkins has released his first music video from his upcoming album THC. The visuals are very powerful; circa slave era.


Mick is a slave in his video for Drowning, seen to be tormented by white slavers. After his escape, he rows down a river on a wooden makeshift raft and as he progresses down the river, he rescues slaves who are drowning. The climax is a very intense moment where the tables turn and the slaves have captured the slavers. The slaves start drowning one of the slavers until a young girl interrupts and screams stop. The slaves let go of the slavers on a wooden log raft and as they look back intense stares are exchanged between the black slaves and the white slavers. The final shot of the music video is of Mick with a american flag rope tied around his neck. The whole video is a depiction of how the human condition of black lives in the USA has not changed since the days of slavery. Mick constantly utters “I can’t breathe”, referring to modern day police brutality against black Americans.  The aforementioned particularly refers to Eric Garner, who was killed when police put him in a chokehold and he was witnessed on camera uttering the words I can’t breathe but police did not loosen their chokehold on him.





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