Kanye West – Wolves (Balmain Campaign) – Thyrd Wave Deconstruction

Kanye West’s Wolves visual is an emotional masterpiece. The video is a campaign for Balmain but listen closely to the lyrics, look out for the cameos and watch the man himself shed his soul through tears.  The song covers the topic of losing his mother Donda West, how him and Kim became connected and also how Kim has been treated by the world. “Lost and beat up, down there dancing, I found you”, Kanye West refers to the loss of his mother Donda and how he connected with Kim Kardashian who was there for his in his lowest moments. I’ve always asked myself what does Kanye see in Kim? Disclaimer if you do not like Kanye then jog on.  Kanye has an incredible mind, from music to fashion he is a pop culture icon. Kim on the other hand became infamous through her leaked sex taped with R&B singer Ray J and also her reality tv show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The song Wolves for me is somewhat Kanye’s answer to my question which is what does he see in Kim Kardashian? Kanye and Kim are both polarising figures in pop culture, you either hate them or love them.

When  Kanye says “You tried to play nice, everybody just took advantage”, Kim is seen in the video being harassed by a lot of hands to the point of suffocation as one can compare how celebrities are at the mercy of people and people feel they own the rights to the intimate space of their lives. Furthermore Kanye lyrically compares him and Kim to Mary and Joseph (bible reference), when he raps”What if Mary was in the club before she met Joseph around hella thugs, cover Saint in lambs wool, we surrounded by the fuckin’ wolves”. The aforementioned refers to the notion that everyone should not be judged by their past, but by who they have become. Kim and Kanye are now parents to two children and that in it itself shows the transformation they’ve taken to become parents.  They are surrounded by the fuckin’ wolves; the wolves represent the media, the whole world who take advantage of them.


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